Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interiors: update

I've made some progress on the paintings I started last week. They're still far from finished, but I'm getting a sense of where they're going and what the problems are likely to be as I continue work. That work will have to wait though: I'm leaving tomorrow for a week or so in Barcelona.

It's a little frustrating. I remember so clearly seeing images of Barcelona in Señora Doniegnan's Spanish class and thinking how great it would be to travel there one day. It's one of the things that kept me in the class when other students were bailing after they had satisfied the foreign language requirement. Now I'm finally going to Barcelona and I find out they don't really speak Spanish there. Of course Señora Doniegnan can't be blamed. I believe that at the time she was trying to teach me Spanish, Catalan was banned by Franco for official use and aggressively discouraged otherwise. Now, I'm visiting websites to plan the trip and at some of them I can select from up to six different languages in which to load the page. Catalan naturally, but also English, French, German... Spanish isn't an option.

My webpage at is also finally built. I'd love to waste the next five or six days playing with it and uploading images, but I probably won't have time before I leave and I'm not planning to take a computer with me.


Em said...

You website is great, did Dave create that for you?

I like how your homepage reads, as of right now,

"This is the Home page.
Use "Heading 2" from the Format menu to create a Header like the one above. This is the Home page. This is the Welcome page. This is the first page most users will see. "

it really helps me get a sense for where I'm at on your site. :)

Brandt said...

I'm glad you'll get to experience Barcelona. I'm also jealous. It's a beautiful city. They are quite nasty about not speaking Spanish at times. Make sure to check out Parc Guell by Gaudi it's excellent.