Sunday, March 8, 2009

Casa Batllò

Almost 20 degrees today, sunny with a nice breeze. I spent the day on the coast, first taking in a great exhibition about city planning in Barcelona, then walking leisurely back into town along the beach. All of Barcelona was out walking, including pickpockets, one of whom I managed to grab with his hand in the pocket of a young Scandanavian fellow. A great and supremely satisfying day.

Tomorrow we fly back to the Ruhrgebiet. Forecast: rain. Tuesday more rain, Wednesday rain is expected and Thursday and Friday it's going to rain. It will be a good excuse to stay in the studio all day and paint.


Rebecca H said...

Artist by rain, crime fighter by shine.

Tyler Vance said...

That poor pickpocket. I hope he can recover and leave the hospital soon.

Christopher T. Terry said...

As it turns out, I hardly had to mess the guy up at all. There was of course ZERO time to think about my actions, and the truth is, I stepped up to the pickpocket, grabbed his hand and pulled it out of the other guy's pocket. I looked at the pickpocket and said, "Oh, is that your hand? Excuse me." He turned and walked away fairly rapidly, and I felt that there was little to be gained by detaining him.

The next time I want to apprehend an evil doer, I'll see if I can think up some more sensible dialog.