Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Space Heater, Plum Wine

I've got a final update on the two paintings I began almost exactly a month ago. Both paintings are almost complete, so the next time I photograph them, they'll go into Vitrine. "Space Heater" (they're working titles) has about five more minutes work probably, but I'm not sure which five minutes yet. It's been a much more complicated problem than most of my recent paintings, because it combines a wide range of value contrast with an almost equally wide range of hue contrast. I'm usually really stingy with value contrast, but the window light coming through the curtains forced me to use everything I have available to me. I'm not at all sure how I feel about this painting. I may need to give it time to age before I evaluate it. "Plum Wine" needs several hours still, probably over a couple of days. I was convinced a week ago that this one was going to be a real yawn, but it's surprising me each day and I'm to the point now where I really like it.

I won't be able to wrap these up immediately since I'm off to Hamburg for 4-5 days later today. I got a packet of maps, catalogs and info brochures in the mail yesterday from my contact there and I'm looking forward to my first visit to the Hansestadt.

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Em said...

They both look lovely. And the type of light coming in through that window feels so specific for me, I think i can recall looking at a draped window and experiencing that exact light at about 7 on a summer evening.